Betweenness Centrality

Betweenness Centrality

  • The higher a node’s centrality is the more “dependent” other nodes are on it
  • Based on shortest paths between nodes and the number of paths that pass through two points and the total number of paths
  • BC(i) = SUMs≠i≠ t∈Vμst(i) / μst where μst is the number of paths from s and t and μst(i) is the number of paths from s and t that pass through node i


Input: V, a vertex and G, a graph

  1. For all pairs of vertices (v1 and v2) in graph G, compute every shortest path between them
  2. Using v1 and v2, compute the fraction of paths between these vertices that pass through V
  3. Sum over all pairs of vertices

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References to use of this measure in literature:
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