Removing the BuddyPress Admin Bar

I recently started developing a BuddyPress Theme/Plugin using the WordPress 3.4.2 and BuddyPress 1.6.1.

To remove the Admin Bar up at the top, you can create a file called bp-custom.php which gets thrown into wp-content/plugins. The nice thing about bp-custom.php is that you don’t need to activate it or add any special code to make it run as long as BuddyPress is activated.

So to remove the Admin Bar create bp-custom.php and add the following code:

function remove_bp_adminbar(){

After updating and refreshing the page, your admin bar should be removed. But, be careful because this can cause issues if you don’t have alternative links to log out in place.

Rewiring the RSS icon link for Platform

Step-by-step instructions for rewiring where your RSS link icon points to within the Platform theme (by PageLines) for WordPress:

1) WordPress
2) Platform theme by PageLines

1) Navigate to the directory where the theme is stored on your server, usually wp-content > themes > platform
2) Download functions.php
3) Add the following line of code to the end of the file:

    create_function('', 'return "";') 

4) Upload functions.php and make sure that you have enabled the RSS link in the PageLines Settings under Header and Nav.
5) As of 2012-06-21, for the latest version of Platform, download includes > core.init.php and add the filter code at the very bottom.