I am the Lead Software Developer at the University of Wisconsin – Madison for a research organization named the Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies (CHESS). I work with teams to research and build mobile, sensor, and website application systems that help patients and their families undergoing health crises.

Our work has included working with patients undergoing substance abuse treatment, teenagers with asthma, cancer patients, caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s, and people that are simply aging.

I share CHESS’ mission, to help people. I try to do that in my own work by developing systems that empower people whether that is connecting patients undergoing life-altering treatments or website administrators helping to bring technology to their users.

At CHESS, I work with a variety of technologies and I have experience doing mobile application development in Android and iOS, website development with PHP and .NET framework, CSS, Javascript, database programming, and administrating Linux and Windows servers.

When not coding for CHESS, I like learning and researching new technologies and doing freelance on projects that involve data mining, machine learning, website development (both backend and frontend), user-centered design, user and developer experience, mobile application development, devops, and server administration. And in my freetime, I like reading, writing, running, biking, learning, and cooking.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn, or see just a few of my projects. https://github.com/adam-maus and https://github.com/chess-uwmadison