Freeman’s Approach to Degree Centrality

Freeman’s Approach to Degree Centrality:

  • Centrality is based on connections between nodes in the network
  • Measure in-degree and the out-degree and degree percentage of entire network for each node
  • Can measure network statistics such as mean, standard deviation, etc.
  • Network Centralization calculation compares a network to the perfect star network of the same size
    1. A star network of size N (nodes)
      • Has one node whose in-degree is N-1 and whose out-degree is 0
      • Other N-1 nodes have out-degree 1 and in-degree 0
    2. Network Centralization = (N * D – m) / ((N-1)(N-2)) where N is the number of nodes, D is the max degree whether that is in or out, and m is the number of edges

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References to use of this measure in literature:
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